Warner Model, Becca Bowen, Rising Country Star

Warner Model, Becca Bowen, Rising Country Star

Miss Bikini

Becca Bowen – Miss Bikini Fitness / Nashville Music Star

The reigning Miss Bikini Fitness 2019-20, Becca Bowen is coming up the ranks of country music.

Becca’s first release is called Love it, Leave it. This single showcases her spunky and strong personality
The first time that she heard this song she knew that she had to record it. 

Becca travels back and forth from South Carolina to Nashville writing, co-writing and performing. Tennessee has become her second home.

Becca entered the Miss Bikini 2019 Pageant as Miss Bikini South Carolina. Her sweet personality won over the photographers and judges. Becca is continuing to hold the Miss Bikini Fitness National title through 2020, due to Covid. 

Becca Bowen